Thursday, April 12, 2012


I love to collect guidebooks to the places that I climb, and especially of guidebooks to Devils Lake.   I have a few going back to the early 70's and they are super cool!  I though I had the original DL 1979 pocket book size F grading scale book written by Sven as well, but now I cant find it....Guess I'll just have to buy a new one somewhere to round out the collection.  WILL PAY CASH!!!  I also have a few versions of Gibralter rock guides, and an old printed guide to Interstate state park as well to add to the Wisconsin mix.

I am looking for "Superior Climbs" written by Dave Pagel and any other Devils lake guides that I don't have below, real or a copy.  I would love to add to the collection!

Below are a few pics of the guides. Enjoy.

Devils Lake Climbing Notes. West Bluff by W. Widule  CMC

 Devils Lake Climbing Notes. East Bluff by W. Widule CMC 1971

extremist's guide to devil's lake new climbs by Leo Hermacinski DLFA 1985
a shot from inside.

50 short climbs in the Midwest. Alan Brag 1978.  A nice selection of both bluffs can be found here. 

 Two Dr. Topo books that were produced in the 2000's? and can be found online.

 Climbers Guide to Devils Lake by Sven Olof Swartling CMC 1995 second edition

 GIT ON IT! Bouldering guide by Eric Zschiesche 1999

Rock Climbing Minnesota and Wisconsin by Mike Farris. 2000.  First edition.  The second can be found here;

 Climbers Guide to Devil's Lake 3rd edition. by Sven. 2008

I put these in here because they are two of my favorite guides to two of my favorite places to climb.  A 1977 Guide to the Tower (bring 11 hexes) and a hardcover guide to the Tetons from 1956, one of Ortenburger's first to the range I am sure. 


  1. Super cool. I might have that old DL guide for ya. I will look ASAP!

  2. You should pick up a copy of the Piana guide to the Needles of Black Hills. Very cool history section. Can be found occasionally for <$50. I found one for $5 once. ce

  3. Thanks Ninja! See you tonight.

    Oh Man, I want To Touch the Sky so Bad, but have never seen it cheep enough! $5 bucks, wow! I do have huge copies of all the maps, but that'
    s it.

  4. Jon: I have a copy of Superior climbs that you can certainly copy.

  5. There was another EZ "Git On It" that covered Gibraltar Rock. I have a copy around somewhere....