Sunday, January 27, 2013

More cool OR shit

More new cool shit coming out for next fall.


First off an old item gets a nice new touch.
The picture explains it all.  Good old Mister Pink.

Below in pictures, a new crampon from Camp that I am super excited about, The Blade Runner.  It is a crampon with a vertical mono point, vertical dual points, and their "alpine" front points (horizontal chisel points) as options all to the same body.  These crampons come in two sizes (1, EU 37-46 & 2,  EU 40-49) with semi-automatic and automatic attachment options.

I personally am excited for the alpine front points as I now climb on BD Sabertooths. The front points look more vertical then the Sabers and am personally wondering how they will do on waterfall ice, which I will get the chance to answer that question next weekend.  Also, there is a bit of a "cut out" in the frame geometry under the inside instep of the foot for raking and allowing the backwards points under the foot to properly engage.  Curious as to the actual help of this feature for mixed terrain.

The other innovation of this crampon is the platform on which the boot sits.  The linking bar/heal piece unit has a step in it just in front of the heal platform that tucks nicely into the heal  break of a boot. This allows the boot and crampon to fit snugly together and increase torsional rigidity.

The front of the crampons are made of chromoly steel and the rear are made of Stainless Steal.  Sounds like a good mix of metals for the appropriate purposes.  And can I mention again that these come in two sizes! Good on them for someone finally making multiple crampon sizes for fit issues with large and small boots!

size 1     1015 grams (one vertical from point, includes antibott)
size 2     1030 grams
Alpine size 1     1130 grams ( two horizontal front points, includes antibott)
Alpine size 2     1145 grams

BD Sabertooth     925 grams in a clip version.

Black Diamond;

A new carbon Z-pole that is super light and collapses small to the back of a pack or in your checked bag for the airlines.

A "new" thin glove for ice/mixed called the Impulse.  Redesigned with a new palm material made of a super sticky Pittards fabric.

 The new Terminator glove.  Another thin technical glove for ice.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter OR, 2013. New Toys

A new tool from Grivel.  A carbon tool not designed for high end competition, but for normal ice climbing with a modern day "straight" shaft.  $$$ 

 New 360's with racking ability! 12, 16 and 20 cm lengths.

A new bottle design from Liberty bottles made in Yakima WA.

We are in Utah, right?

More to come tonight/tomorrow.  New Petzl screws are next!