Wednesday, August 19, 2009


That's right, In the frekin am.......I don't even get up that early to climb mountains. Going to have to take a nap sometime today. Two flights on small plains all the way to New York, Yea Ha!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Climbing in RMNP

Did some climbing with Murf in RMNP in mid July. We climbed the Petit Grepon and Stettner's Ledges with the direct finish and then up Kiener's to the Summit of Longs. It was a good day.
The pic is of Murf folowing the direct finish pitch of Stettner's.

North Ridge of the Grand Teton

Two pics of Doug. The first is of him soloing up a snowfield to get to the Grand Stand and the seconed is of him leading pitch number....5, or was it #6?!?!

Some climbing after OR

After OR, I headed up to the Tetons to do climb climbing with Doug. We climbed some smaller routes down low and then on Sunday we climbed the North Ridge of the Grand. It is the right hand skyline of the peak in the picture.