Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another one suing for barefoot shoes...

Well no shit, no padding....more injury???  I just don't understand some peoples thought process.

SportsOneSource Media     Posted: 6/18/2012

A New York man sued Adidas, claiming the company's AdiPure barefoot line didn't provide the fitness benefits promised and actually wound up injuring him. Plaintiff Joseph Rocco said the $90 pair of adiPure shoes he purchased did not deliver the increased training efficiency and decreased risk of injury promised in advertisements, according to court papers.
Adidas has not responded to the lawsuit. The suit was filed against Adidas America Inc.
According to Reuters, Rocco also attests he suffered a compound fractures after training in the shoes and said he and other customers were never warned about the potential hazards. The shoes increase the risk for bruising and foot damage, due to their decreased padding and other structural differences from more traditional running shoes. Rocco said and that, as a result, hIn March, a class action lawsuit was filed against Vibram - the maker of barefoot-style running shoe FiveFingers - over similar claims of promoting the shoes' unproven health benefits.
The lawsuit seeks to certify a class of everyone who purchased adiPure shoes since their debut in August 2011. Rocco is seeking a refund for the shoes, as well as statutory damages.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sales meetings and new gear

This past month and a half included a bit of climbing, three sales meetings, a lot of driving and now the beginning of selling next springs gear.  Below is a teaser/photo montage of the meetings and some of the new gear coming out.  Names, details and prices will all have to wait till later on this summer ;)

Mad baby in the new Marmot little kids pack...

 Kevin drank too much...
 The one that got away...