Wednesday, May 2, 2012

one week away.

Photo ripped off from the web...I forget where...

In a day and a week I will be flying back up to Alaska for my second trip up there.  This time I will be spending just under three weeks "climbing" Denali via the West Buttress route.

I have never been on this mountain before and never been that high. My plans are to go back next spring and climb other routes on this mountain buy using this trip to learn the mountain, learn the weather, learn what the altitude does to my body and lean what the possibilities are for the future.

I'll post again in a month when I get back!


  1. Well?? How'd it go??

    A friend of mine that just returned from a West Butt. attempt informed me of a shockingly low success rate this year.


    A short write up of the trip. It was a cold season.