Wednesday, April 4, 2012

RRG #2

Second trip of the season down to the Red.  This trip was much better, more people and better climbing!  The first trip is always to get get a small base in, then the subsequent trips for "real" climbing. Below are a few of the better pics of the trip.  I climbed 6 routes on Friday, 9 on Saturday and 3 on pumped!!!

I have to go back soon, as I really want the redpoint of an 11b that is a super cool route!  Reminds my of my fav route at the lake, Thoroughfare.

Louise on a 9 at Military Wall.
 Same 9.
 Ashley on a 10 at Left flank.
 Patrick on a 12+ at Left Flank.
 Louise on a 9 at Left Flank.
 Loved shoes.
 Kevin on a 13 at the Motherload.
Kevin on a 13 at Midnight Surf.
 Same 13, laying down rest.
 Kevin on a 13 at the Load.

And I only made it to Facebook...

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