Tuesday, January 25, 2011


As an Ice climber I own more gloves then most people.  You burn them up on rappels, get them soaked on a climb from sweat or running water and have even lost pairs on the approach.  I have an entire duffel bag full of gloves right now for all different temperatures, activities, ice conditions and they all have different signs of wear.

My favorite glove line at the moment is Black Diamond.  I own about 7 different models of BD with multiple pairs of each model.  My favs are the Torque, Implus, Punisher,  Arc, and the Guide gloves.  The Punisher is probably the most used for pure ice in that mix, but even they have their drawbacks.

They come with a H20 insert to make them dry from the outside, but when you start working hard, like all liners not dry enough from the inside.  My friend James has taught me a lot of things and below is one AWESOME trick he taught me this year.  Not all routes are soaking wet, so you do NOT need a H20 proof glove.  But when the glove you want to wear is H20 proof, what do you do?!?

CUT OUT THE LINER!  Flip the glove inside out and cut out the stupid liner.  Cut out that huge baggie in all  gloves except in Outdry gloves….check this out; http://vimeo.com/5132845
Those you can’t cut out, and since I haven’t personally used them in the real world, I can’t say how much more breathable they really are.  BUT, they sure sound good and I sure want a  pair to use one of these days.

Once that huge baggie is removed, clean up the inside of the glove and get rid of all those lose threads, and messy seams.  The jobs isn’t over yet, go to your local outdoor shop and pick up yourself a $20 pair of liner gloves.  Wool or synthetic, your choice  as to what you are looking for and flip those inside out as well.  On the inside there are huge seams and they rub on your fingers.  Flip them inside out and clean them up as well with a pair of nice scissors.  Put them in the new shell glove inside out and you will have a better fitting and better performing glove in dryer conditions then the original ever were with no seams rubbing on your hands!

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