Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dancing on ice in our northern neighbors' back yard

Another fantastic trip to Canada with Dave Rone for SPRING BREAK 2015!!!!!  We landed in Calgary late Friday night, departed the 2nd Sunday after for 8 possible climbing days.
We managed some excellent climbing, one link up of two large ice routes and a bit of rock climbing on an "active rest day" just outside of Canmore.

The tick list (with the grades we found them in 'ish);
     Rhamnusia: M8 WI6 160m  (Dave led to the top of the mixed only)
     French Reality: M7++ WI6 145m
     Link up of Hydrophobia WI5+ 160m and The Sorcerer WI5 210m
     Sport climbing in Cougar creek up to 10c
     Nemesis: WI5+ 140m
     Man Yoga: First two real pitches: M7 & M7
     -Final climbing day...I left my boots at the hotel...learned this after the two hour drive to the base of  This House of Sky-WI4 500m in the Ghost...needless to say, we didn't climb...DANG!

Below are a few pics from the trip;

first 2 pitches of Rhamnusia

M8 3rd pitch

base of French Reality

 2ed pitch of French

traveling in style in the Ghost Wilderness

The Sorcerer

finally above the coulds

a foreshortened Hydrophobia

sport climbing on an ice trip?!?!

back to the headwall for day #3 up there!

1st pitch of Nemesis 

2nd pitch

2nd pitch of Man Yoga

driving home from the Ghost after I forgot my boots...

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