Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Beehive.

The Route.

 The early morning light during the 5 mile ski approach.

Happy!  Climbing Ice and rock in the winter again.

 First step of the first pitch.

 Crux of the route.

 Eric Approaching the top of the first pitch.

 Eric leading the second pitch.

Eric's foot at the second belay.

 Me approaching the second belay.

 Eric summit shot. Lone Peak is in the background.

 Descending back to the skis.

 Skiing out.
Photos by Eric Dacus and myself.


  1. God... that looks like fun....
    Would this still be in shape in late Dec.?

  2. In shape? The route was super fun, but would have been better with ice. I doubt any ice will form between now and then...just deeper snow.