Friday, November 2, 2012

Birthday challenge

I first heard about a Birthday Challenge a few years ago and always wanted to do one, but never have until this year.  So, I decided to attempt to run 30 miles of trail and lead Upper D at Devils Lake for my 30th Bday as my challenge a few weekends ago.

On Saturday the 20th of October I drove up to the lake with my running shoes and a rack.  Paul met me in the parking lot at 9am and we ran together for the the front half.  I averaged 13min miles for the first 15 miles, which looking back I think was a bit too fast. The route started in Rozno's meadows and the 1/2 way point was Parfrey's Glen, with a return the way I started.  See the yellow line on the map from the link below.

Paul and myself around mile 11. 

Liz meet me at Parfrey's glen to run the back half together.  We started back out from the Glen running up hill for the next 3 miles and that's when it all went south.  With my longest run to date being 15 miles, the hill kinda crushed me on the return to run double that.  We made it back to hwy 113 and I needed to make a decision, turn right to continue on the trail away form the car, or left for a few more miles back to the car and just finish.  My legs chose left, and we headed back.  I ended the run* with out being able to actually run anymore and finishing at about 21.5 miles.  My phone died on me, so I didn't get my actual total at the finish. 

After that I took a rest and then hiked up the CCC trail to meet some friends up in the east bluff.  I found Louise up there and she gave me a belay on Upper D to finish off my day.  I actually got the "Elvis leg" going on the rest just before the crux which was kinda funny.  Two weeks ago I was able to recover fully on an 11B route in the red to finish the climb, and this day I wasn't getting anything back on a jug with decent feet! So, fired off the crux, one more cam set and then set the belay for Louise to clean the route. 

Overall it was a good day and I was quite happy with what I was able to do.  Also looking back, WTF was I thinking in trying to run 30 miles....that is really freking far! Maybe next year...

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