Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tele demo at Wilmot Mountain via William Ski Haus

The "Mountain"  The vertical feet measured in hundreds, the story of the Midwest.  Snow, Grass and lights, all   being an hours drive from Chicago.  Spent an evening teaching tele and demoing Scarpa boots at Wilmot Mountain.  I had three people in my little class and we started on the rope tow teaching hoe to turn making one at a time then eventually linking them into two complete turns.  He then headed to the lift all the way to the top of the Mountain.  It was a fun evening!
K2 skis were in attendance as well as the Scarpa boots I brought.  W's T2s, M's T2s and TX Comps for the NTN experience.
Learning how to link turns.  I had three people in my "Tele School" last night
Mark picking it up on night #1
getting low
A few generations between these boots!
Andrew from Williams Ski Haus!
 And...still learning how to turn...
 The pow pow was SOOOO deep!
 Super low!
 First time on Tele!
 The quaint lodge.
 The Fire Place...nice...just wish I had a drink...maybe some bourbon.
 hookin up
 An original cat pulling the hoses around for the snow guns
 Group shot!
 An original custom made snow gun....circa...way before my time!  kind cool though.
 Taken while skiing.
Self Portrait.

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