Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So, I got a bit bored at the gym climbing routes last month.  Just doing the same handful of routes over and over got tiring so I decided to start setting routes. So far I have set 4 routes and have enjoyed  the process WAY more than I thought I would.   I am still a noOb, but I learned a lot on my first few routes and have my systems and tools a bit more dialed.  I am really looking forward to spending more time setting in the future and leaning much much more about movement, style, aesthetics, hold types/shapes, grades...... and so much more.

Also, It has turned out to be a great way to lose yourself in the moment and quite relaxing.  Who knew?!

I also started to read this blog;  it seems to be a bit focused on comp setting, but there is SO much good info in it to learn from.  "Happy setting"  

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  1. We should set together sometime. It's fun isn't it??? I'm always surprised how much I enjoy it when I come back.