Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Scarpa Boots

-Maverick GTX & Rebel GTX

Rebel is below....550grams....
Ueli Steck and Scarpa came together to make some new lightweight alpine boots. One leather, one Synthetic.  Semi automatic crampon compatible, designed for the fast alpinist.  The details will be out by mid summer but they are LIGHT!  I had the opportunity to put put them on (1/2 size to big) and they are light and flexible.  They had greater flexibility then I was anticipating them to have, which is great for walking, bad for vertical ice, but I would never use these for vertical ice at my current skill level. They have a new tongue design, new out sole(rebel) with edging platform, new last, new...well, everything.  More details will be available around summer OR. 

For the states, I think that this would be a perfect "fringe" season Tetons boot. Approach in flexible boots that are actually kind on your feet to walk in, throw on crampons to get to the base of the route (or the route itself), climb the route in the boots or switch to rock shoes and then back to the boots for the summit.  Looking forward to my next trip out there!

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