Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hallet's Chimney June 1st

Yesterday Bryan and I attempted Hallet's Chimney in RMNP for the second time in two years.  Last year we made it 1/2 way up before it was just too warm and the rocks started falling.  This year we made it 3/4 the way up to just below the crux pitch.  I decided to not bring any ice gear with us as to go with a bit lighter of a rack...bad mistake. I should have had boughten a stubbie or two. Not that the "ice" was all that good, it was more of Snice consistency where we bailed, but I needed something for some "mental" protection to keep going.  My last piece of gear was 10 meters below me, and I didn't want to commit to the moves in front of me without any gear in sight....ugh.  And this year there was actually some ice on the crux pitch!  So, needless to say, it was another learning experience up high in the mountains.  As I am looking out the window as I write this, thinking about whats next and wondering if I will push it out a bit further next time I am happy and disappointed all at the same time.

The Emerald Lake area, yes there is a lake below all that snow, meters of snow.  

A closer look at the North Face of Hallet.  Our route follow the snow line center left. 

 One of the many piles of shit you find in the alpine and use! Three of the Pins were a bit lose and I gave them a few taps back in, and the 4th piece was a wire burred in snow and ice and I couldn't inspect it with my eyes, but it passed the old pull test...             

Bryan on rappel from that pile of shit.

 Our high point, you can see the crux chock stone above.                    

Self portrait time!

 So, maybe this weekend we will go back, or maybe next season will be the time we finally finish this route.

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