Friday, March 25, 2011


Write it down and it will happen!  right? RIGHT?

Lots of Trips planed for this summer and something BIG better/will/should happen.
1. The North Face of the Grand.
I will be there in Aug for a week or two working and climbing.  This route will go down, plus hopefully a whole lot more:)

2.The Diamond.
The East Face of Longs Peak in CO.  My old Climbing Partner and I will be there the end of July.  Not sure what route, what grade, but it will be HIGH and hard.

3. Comfortably leading sport routes into the mid 11's

4. Leading Trad to 11a
Close on this last fall, but I want more than one route in one location.  I want to travel leaving 11a Trad!

5. Bouldering V4 by the end of summer.
WTF? Bouldering!!! I cant believe I just vomited in my mouth!  But, in the gym I am projecting V3 right now, and as long as my finger feels good, I want to climb V4 in the Gym.  Maybe, just Maybe I will boulder outside sometime this season.....wont hold my breath though.

6. A century ride.
I cant believe that I have actually never ridden 100 miles at once, so this summer will be the time.

How????  Working hard and putting in the time! I will see if this helps as well;  I am slow, fat and weak. That will change!


  1. YES!!! You should do the Flatiron!

  2. what does that go at? I know nothing about bouldering @ the Lake.

  3. It's a 4. My favorite at the lake. Plus John Gill did it. and it's the only problem he chipped. It's a good hard V4. Plus, Katie did it so how hard can it be, right? HAHAHA She's such a sandbagger.

  4. Is it the Route on the CCC trail by the top where it makes a left turn to go to the base of Comgrats?

    Its on the list! #7! climb a 4 outside

  5. Don't forget about Humble Horse. . .

  6. So, you wana go to The Rockies Matt???