Monday, March 4, 2013

Nipigon Ice Fest weekend pics.

Adam leading Java in Kama Bay.

It started out in the late afternoon sun and finished in the dark.

Matt leading another route at Kama with an unremembered name.

Adam on the now finished Project. Confirmed by Will Gadd at M10 thirty five minutes after Adam sent.

Carter leading Off The Couch 


  1. Jon J. Where thwe heck are you taking the photos of the big overhanging M10 route adam put up? Is this route up on the north end of OB canyon just north of Obssesion route?

  2. Burt,
    North end is correct. Just before the cliff line turns the corner to the the last three climbs in the corridor, Andromeda ect. They were taken with a 300mm lens from the road. The "ice climb" below the belayer is "going nowhere fast"

  3. It looks like you were up high shooting either downwards or straight over? I couldn't figure that part out.. I have noticed that big steep overhang many times above the route "Going Nowhere Fast" Eric L. and I once did GNF where the ice was so thin there were no screws until ya got to the very top at the dead end... doesn't look like its a dead end any more!

  4. What the heck did you do to Carter? Hit him with a beer bottle. Hee Hee!

  5. The pics were either taken from the road or from the belay, which is then behind the climber as they go up. no more is correct! now the "route" is two pitches, GNF to the m10 line which stops 1/2 to the top of the cliff now...