Thursday, July 12, 2012

New BD cams

I cannot wait for these awesome little new toys!  6 new Double axle cams from BD called the X4 (just not stoked on the name..."Predator" would have been cool, like I wanted the Fusion tool to be called the Diamondback to keep in the snake theme...)

The three larger cams, the .75, .5 & .4 have Kevlar trigger wires and 2 obvious axles.  The three smaller sizes, have an internal new double axle design to achieve the larger range that BD is known for and have medal trigger wires.  They are color coded in the same scheme that the C4's and C3 have and are all extremely flexible.  I put them up against C4s and they are much narrower and way more flexible.  The stem also has a new swaging process to keep the cam straight when you pull the trigger, which was super nice for a flexible single stem cam like this. 

Not 100% positive on all the details yet as I have a poor memory, but until we all get to place our first one, enjoy the porn.

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