Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Black Hills

Earlier in the week, Kendra and I climbed in the needles in South Dakota. Very awesome place if you have never been!

We wanted to climb some old Conn routes. One of the routes that we choose to do was this;
The Conn Diagonal. If you know anything about Trad routes put up in the 50's, 5.7 can be scary, and NOT 5.7. Well, needless to say, we didn't do the whole route....when we thought we did. We did a bit of a variation of the route.

We started in the chimney to the far left of the face and traversed the whole ledge! We didn't have a guidebook with us as we were out for an adventure. So, that traverse is scary, exposed and super fun all at the same time. It is 1/2 way between climbing, crawling, sliding, and holding on for dear life. I lead the whole route and it was quite a ride. You should ask Kendra sometime for her thoughts on the route....and she was only following.

I will post some pics soon

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