Tuesday, November 15, 2016

good stories?

A friend just asked, any good stories? 

Good stories?  I'll tell you the real stories over a beer they say. 

So far we had one rather large rat enter our tent and proceeded to wake us up at 3am by walking across my face….
I fell into a crevasse up to my waist
I got knocked onto my ass due to the wind, twice.  Very rude as Dave said 
We have hiked over 110 KMs so far (only ~20 without a load) and have yet to climb a thing
I can’t speak Spanish to save my ass,  but the cookies are cheap. A small bag full for 50 pesos at the internet/bakery/café in town
I have lost weight, even though we eat a bag of said cookies per day
Most of the skin has peeled off my face from the sun and wind burn of the first week
I have already patched my hard shell pants and jacket, and again, still haven’t climbed a thing
Multiple blisters on both of my feet
Broke the shoulder harness on my big BD pack, got it repaired in town for 100 pesos by a very lovely lady and her chain smoking friend in a too small a room
And we have been here for two weeks and have only seen all of Cerro Torre one day. 
Drank Mate for the first time, didn't care for it too much
Had a Patagonian style BBQ, amazing.  

That’s about it so far, but two weeks are left.